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M/s HI-TEC VALVES, as ISO 9001-2008 BSI Certified Company and approved by Indian Boilers Regulation –IBR and Technical Development Committee(TDC) and NSIC, a Proprietary Concern, established by Mr. A.Mohanraj was started in the year 1996. The Company is involved in the business of Reconditioning (Servicing) and also Manufacturing and supply of All Types of Industrial Pipe Line Valves IN THE Brand Name of “HI-TEC”. With past 17 years of experience and expertise in the reconditioning field we knew exactly the deficiency and design drawbacks in the valves of every manufacturer in the world and how to rectify them at the time of reconditioning the valves so that the problems do not recur. Reconditioning of valves helps the customer to suitably modify/ alter and rectify the design drawbacks wherever required to get rid of the persisting problems in operating the valves. Many customers understood and accepted the suggestions and reaped huge benefits in terms of Money and save Time. Refurbishment/Reconditioning/Servicing of valves regularly, extends the life time of the valves and helps in saving time and costs and Investments.

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HI-TEC VALVES a name that is trusted for Manufacturing and exporting quality Industrial Valves is over two decades. Through constant efforts and commitment we have created a niche for ourselves in the market. Serving our clients the best has always been our motto. Introduction M/S HI-TEC VALVES, an ISO 9001:2008 BSI certified company and approved by Indian Boilers Regulation – IBR and Technical Development Committee (TDC) and NSIC, owned by Mr.A.Mohanraj was started in the year 1996. The Manufacturing unit and corporate office is in Chennai in 8000 Sq. ft area. The company is involved in the business of Manufacturing and also undertaking Reconditioning (Servicing) job of all types of Industrial Pipe Line valves. By our sheer experience we knew exactly the problems behind the leaking valves and possess the capacity to overcome the same instantly and permanently by introducing suitable modifications in the valves. Many customers accepted the suggestion and reaped huge benefits. We have covered almost all industrial units in India of both Govt and Pvt. Sectors. The company possesses required Technical expertise, foresight and derives enormous support from its Team of Technical Engineers and skilled man power. Having reconditioned the valves of every manufacturer in the World like KITZ of Japan and Velan of USA and other world brand valves, we know exactly the design drawbacks of every manufacturer in the World and how to overcome them. Hence we could provide solutions to all the persisting problems in the valves and its operations. Manufacturing of Valves: With the immense experience and expertise gained in the servicing field the company is also manufacturing various types of Industrial Valves with its own Research and Development on Design, by adopting various International Standards like BS, DIN, MSS-SP, JIS etc., .. as per the requirement of the Customers. We have all the required infrastructure inside our premises with a fully fledged Design Department, The required raw materials are procured in the Chennai, Mumbai & Ahmadabad markets in India and also imported from various countries. CERTIFICATION: We are already BSI Certified ISO 9001:2008 Institution and we have already initiated the required steps to go in for Certification from EIL by middle of 2015 and finally API by end of 2015. EXPANSION: A new Private Ltd company in the name and style of M/s ABCO HI-TEC VALVES PRIVATE LIMITED has been incorporated in the year 2010, for the sole purpose of Manufacturing of All Types of Industrial Valves. The Company has already commenced its business activities. PLANT II: The company has a 6400 sq.ft area in Kakkalur near Tiruvallur, its Plant II, where extended similar operations are being carried out. GOING MULTINATIONAL: We have already achieved a milestone in this regard by establishing a Branch at Malaysia in the name and style of M/s HI-TEC VALVES (MALAYSIA) SDN BHD in our own premises by providing total valve solutions to neighboring countries like Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, and Myanmar. The business activities have already started in the year 2014. M/S AMARSONS ABCO VALVES CO. LLC, a joint venture was established in 2015, concentrating in both Manufacturing and Reconditioning activities in the entire UAE consortium like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, al Ain, Ajman, Rasal-Khaimah, Ummal Quwain. And Major countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Kuwait etc. Brief note about the founder…….. Mr A.Mohanraj, the founder of the HI-TEC GROUP OF COMPANIES, hails from Kaveripakkam a small village near Ranipet , about 150 km from Chennai, India, started his career as a Turner in Bangalore before moving to Chennai in 1982. He joined for a brief period with M/s Diabrasive Tools Pvt Ltd., the company considered next to AUDCO where he acquired thorough product knowledge. He got further exposure in M/s Fouress and M/s Econo Valves. As the destiny had it, he entered into establishing his own business venture by starting servicing activity in a low key affair. Started in an unorganized way in 1993 he established it in 1996 a organized way in the name and style of M/s HI-TEC VALVES. Working tirelessly he could turn his company into a standard business establishment. Now the company is flourishing in both the fields. Quality Policy “With a commitment to continual improvement we will design, manufacture, supply and do erection, commissioning and servicing of industrial valves and accessories which consistently meet or exceed customer requirements and “HI-TEC” valves requirements.” Our Vision Hi-Tec valves would aim to be one among accomplished valve manufacturers in the world by 2020(which would have backward integration too) offering all types of industrial valves to industries with superior quality with competitive prices by opening a branch in major countries every year worldwide. i.e. Asia, Europe, America, Africa by 2020. Our Mission Hi-Tec valves, from presently a manufacturer of industrial valves for all types of industries would grow to a level where we develop new technologies by our extensive research to manufacture economically viable valves to our existing and new clients worldwide with no compromise on quality. Group of Companies We own a group of companies, each one having a distinct identity in the industry. All the companies have a well developed infrastructure and quality certification. Our Group of companies includes:  ABCO HI-TEC VALVES PRIVATE LIMITED.  HI-TEC VALVES (MALAYSIA) SDN BHD.  AMARSONS ABCO VALVES CO LLC ABU DHABI (UAE). We Supply: Valve in any size any class. We promise solemnly: Competitive prices and excellent quality; timely delivery, and professional service. Clientele Through our efforts we have been able to develop a huge client base. We have shown extreme commitment to our clients and always satisfied them with our qualitative service. We value our clients the most. FEW REVAMPING PROJECTS WE COMPLETED  Thirumalai Chemicals Ltd., Ranipet,  TCL Industries Malaysia SDN BHD  Ballarpur Industries Ltd,  Nagarjuna Oil Corporation Ltd, Cuddalore. FEW INDUSTRIAL SECTORS WE SERVE  Oil & Gas Offshore / Onshore  Petrochemical and Fertilizers  Power Plant  Marine Industries / Shipyard  Steel Industries
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